Looking for graphic design or web design? Cigar City Magazine highly suggests using Tampa Design. We have used them for over 10 years now!


Graphic Design and Corporate Identity

First impression is everything.

Having brand recognition in your marketplace takes time and requires a consistent, multi-faceted approach. The first step and the absolute “must have” is a quality identity. Let us help you invent or reinvent your organization’s image as well as manage and build on it for the long-term. We are comprised of a diverse creative talent base giving us a keen ability to provide the most appropriate aesthetic ensuring you reach your intended audience.

Our design skill sets range from custom illustrators of the trade. We believe you are the expert in your industry, therefore you can expect a dynamic, engaging approach collaborating with our design team. We also firmly believe your success is essential to our own. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship where we understand your business, the identity we design for you exudes your passion, and we manage your brand with the same enthusiasm for your success!


Websites are essential to the modern business.

Aligning yourself with an agency that stays on the cutting edge of website design & development can assure you competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced marketplace. We have the best tools and creative talent that specializes in practical solutions, which are geared toward flexibility and scalability.


We know how to draw!

It’s not the kind of thing you hear from a modern design firm. Some people seem to think that the computer has rendered the pencil and paper obsolete. Not us. We’re still passionate about a handcrafted illustration. This sets us apart from most firms. But of course we utilize all the powers of the computer as well. We can either illustrate directly on the computer or use it to build onto the piece. Either way, our ability to illustrate does not rely on software.

Print Services

We print anything!

We are innovators in print materials, processes and techniques, which allows us to make your promotional piece stand out. Align yourself with a design firm passionate about the capabilities of modern printing. Paper, textile, metal, plastic, and glass… we do it all.  We have experience in everything from signage planning and design, to intricate product packaging.

Business Cards • Brochures • Letterhead & Envelopes • Postcards • CD/DVD Packaging
Sales & Presentation Materials • Ad concepts • T-Shirts • Banners • Direct Mail