Tampa Gangster Jimmy Velasco’s “The List” exposed!

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Tampa Gangster Jimmy Velasco’s “The List” exposed!








The Date: December 12, 1948, shortly before 7:30 p.m.

Place: 1510 20th Street in Ybor City

Wearing a long coat and a hat that covered half his face, the killer snuck out of the shadows as his prey, known-gangster Jimmy Velasco, unlocked his Buick and opened the door for his wife and daughter.

A gunshot shattered the silence in the Ybor City neighborhood. Despite being the daughter of a powerful Mafioso, Velasco’s daughter was ignorant to violence. She thought the gunshot was a firecracker, so with a smile she looked up, expecting to see local teens dancing in the street as they set off more. Instead, she saw her father, who had been in such a good mood all night as they visited with friends, suddenly overcome with dread. He shoved her to the floor of the car. As she stared up at the car’s roof, she realized the loud bang she thought was a firecracker had shattered something else –the window. Someone was shooting at them.

Mafia hits were supposed to have a “code of ethics,” one of which was to not involve the prey’s family. This particular hit man did not seem to care about the “rules.” He grabbed Velasco’s wife and used her as a human shield so that Velasco would not return fire. Unable to protect himself, Velasco was nothing more than a target. The killer yelled out, “I’ll get you this time,” as he unloaded his clip. Five bullets from a .38 automatic pistol penetrated Velasco’s body–two over the heart, one high in the left shoulder, one on the left arm above the elbow, one in his left side and one in his head just about the left ear–before he pitched forward in a pool of blood.

The killer then escaped into the dark night as quickly as he appeared.

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